Lydoptager 1.46 (Gratis)

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Optag nemt din stemme eller pc-lyd

Moo0 Audio Recorder er en meget simpel lydoptager.

Programmet er meget nemt at bruge, og du kan både optage "kun stemme" / "stemme og pc-lyd" (XP) / "pc-lyd" (XP) ved et enkelt klik. Programmet understøtter i øjeblikket wave- og mp3-filer.

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  Moo0 Voice Recorder is a super simple sound-recording app for Windows. ( (5-Star Rating - Thank You!)

Opdater (2018/01/30):     [ Opdateringshistorik (44)
 - Supported Windows 10 finally.
 - Changed its name from "Moo0 Voice Recorder" to "Moo0 Audio Recorder".
 - Quick bug fixes in which the recent versions couldn't be installed on Windows XP/8.1.
 - Many bug fixes for Windows XP.
 - Some bug fixes for Windows 8.1.

Opdater (2018/01/11):
 - A quick bug fix on the previous version, in which it was requiring UAC administrator privilege while it was not necessary.

Opdater (2017/12/25):
 - Solved and decreased some "unknown errors".
 - Some more minor bug fixes.
 - Decreased some problems on Windows 10. Instead, we had to unsupport Windows XP SP1 and SP2 this time. (The latest SP3 is okay!) Mostly, it's due to the Windows' compiler problems. We'd ask for your understanding.

 - Added Chinese (Simplified) (Revision) language support.
 - Added Polish language support.
 - Added Portuguese language support.
 - Added Romanian language support.
 - Added support for 2 more languages (partial).

Understøttelse af Kinesisk (forenklet) (Revision) blev muliggjort af Zhang Zhe. Tusind tak!

Understøttelse af Polsk blev muliggjort af Zbigniew Strzelczyk. Tusind tak!

Understøttelse af Portugisisk blev muliggjort af VIMARANIS. Tusind tak!

Understøttelse af Romansk blev muliggjort af Kevin A. Beraca. Tusind tak!

Opdater (2013/09/19):
 - Added Greek (Revision) language support.
 - Added Thai Language support in partial.

Understøttelse af GrëÔk (Revision) blev muliggjort af fra Tusind tak!

Opdater (2013/09/19):
 - Added "Recording Speed Adjustment" menu, since some sound drivers keep failing in reporting correct playback frequencies.

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Sprog: Hviderussisk, Kinesisk (forenklet), Kinesisk (traditionelt), Engelsk, Fransk, Tysk, GrëÔk, Ungarsk, Italiensk, Japansk, Koreansk, Persisk, Polsk, Portugisisk, Romansk, Russisk, Svensk, Ukrainian, Venetiansk, 18 other languages (partial) - [ Oversættere (38) ]
Styresystem:Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10
Brugervenlighed:Meget nemt at bruge
Sidst opdateret:2018/01/30   [ Opdateringshistorik (44)
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We are sorry for the inconvenience right now.

We are currently brain-storming what we should do from this point. Our server can't sustain this amount of download traffic alone...
What shoud we do...? We'd really appreciate any ideas from anybody.
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FAQ:(Symptom) Not working on "RealTek High Definition Audio"?

It seems "Stereo Mixer Devices", which are often required to record any PC sounds, have often been hidden/disabled on this sound chips by default.

Some people successfully fixed this issue using the latest drivers. - It may not work for all the PCs though.

RealTek High Definition Audio Drivers

Some people say you should install the driver twice to make it work on Windows 7/8. Install it first, and then re-install it after rebooting the PC.

(Symptom) Only "Only Voice" option is available on Windows XP. / Some functions are not working.

We first recommend you to update your sound card driver (audio driver). In most cases, it can fix the problem.

Still not working? Then, it may be because your sound card is "Realtek HD Audio". If so, please read the next FAQ section. Otherwise, we may be able to fix it easily. Please generate an error report file through "About -> Generate Error Report File.." and send it to us. We'll see what we can do to fix the problem.

(Symptom) "Realtek HD Audio" Sound Card on Windows XP

This is tougher one to support. We are working on it.

Follow-Ups) In order for Windows XP to record PC sound, one of the following controls has to be found on the sound card:

"Stereo Mix", "Stereo Out", "Wave Out Mix", "Wave Out", "What U Hear", "WAVE 出力ミックス", "ステレオ ミキサー", "再生リダイレクト", "モノラル ミキサー", "Mono Mix"

However, on "Realtek HD Audio", these controls are disabled initially, and they can't be enabled easily by other programs.

This is why our program usually shows only "Only Voice" option on this card. Many people are suffering from this, and you may find some solutions from Google Search Results for "Realtek HD Audio Stereo Mix".

Follow-Ups) Some people successfully fixed this issue using the latest drivers. - It may not work for all the PCs though.

RealTek High Definition Audio Drivers

Some people say you should install the driver twice to make it work on Windows 7/8. Install it first, and then re-install it after rebooting the PC.

(Symptom) Volume Adjustment? Some noise mixed?

You can adjust the recording volume from "Boost" menu. Also, if you hear some noise, you may try to set it to minus (%) level.

(Symptom) Recording Speed is Wrong, when Recording "Any PC Sound" on Vista/7/8

This happens because some sound drivers keep failing in reporting correct playback frequencies. You may be able to fix it by updating or reinstalling your sound driver. Or, you can also manually fix the recording speed through "Setting" -> "Recording Speed Adjustment" menu.

(Symptom) It doesn't work well on Windows 8.1

This happens because many sound drivers are still not fully supporting Windows 8.1. You may have to update your sound driver, or even have to wait for the release of the new sound driver by your vendor.

Moo0 Voice Recorder is a super simple sound-recording app for Windows. ( (5-Star Rating - Thank You!) - Aug 20, 2012

Easy Sound, Voice Recorder For Windows ( - Aug 01, 2011

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عربي): مسجل الصوت (مجاني) - تسجيل صوتك/صوت الحاسوب بسهولة | مسجل الصوت, تسجيل الصوت, تسجيل صوت, مسجل صوت, سجل صوت, تنزيل مسجل الصوت, تحميل مسجل الصوت, برنامج تسجيل الصوت, تسجيل الصوت من الكمبيوتر ويندوز 7, مسجل الاصوات

Беларускі): Audio Recorder (Бясплатна) - Зрабіце запіс свайго голасу / гуку ПК | Moo0 дыктафон, дыктафон, Moo0, дыктафон спампаваць, аўдыё рэкордэр, мыканне дыктафон, дыктафон спампаваць бясплатна, лёгкі дыктафон, Mooo дыктафон, дыктафон дыктафон

Dansk): Lydoptager (Gratis) - Optag nemt din stemme eller pc-lyd | gratis musik programmer til pc, stemme optager, lydoptager, download musik gratis til pc, moo0, download gratis musik til pc, gratis musik til mp3, mp3 sound recorder, mp3 musik download gratis, optag

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Ελληνικά): Συσκευή εγγραφής ήχου (Δωρεάν) - Εγγραφή της φωνή σας / του ήχου του Η/Υ εύκολα | προγραμμα εγγραφης ηχου, εγγραφη ηχου, εγγραφη φωνης προγραμμα, προγραμματα εγγραφης ηχου, εγγραφη φωνης online, moo voice recorder, moo0, moo0 voice recorder, εγγραφη φωνης, voice recorder download

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简体中文): 录音专家 (免费) - 简单地记录计算机和你的声音 | moo0 voice recorder, 录音专家, moo0, 錄音專家, 錄音軟件, recorder录音软件, ipad 录音, moo0录音笔, 录音笔, moo0

日本語): 音声録音機 (ボイス録音器) (フリーソフト) - 音声やPC音を簡単に録音 | moo0 ボイス録音器, moo0, mooo, 録音機, moo 録音, 録音, moo0 ボイス録音器 1.43, ボイス録音, 録音ソフト, 音声録音

한국어): 음성 녹음기 (프리웨어) - 음성 / PC 사운드 녹음을 간단히 | 녹음 프로그램, 녹음기 프로그램, 무료 녹음 프로그램, moo0, 녹음프로그램, 음성 녹음 프로그램, 컴퓨터 녹음 프로그램, 음성녹음 프로그램, mp3 녹음 프로그램, 컴퓨터 녹음

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